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I want to thank you all for your continued support of Traktor Tips – I have many followers here in WordPress.  The good news is we are upgrading and have now moved our site to a self hosted wordpress.  You can visit our new site at the usual address of

If you are looking for the Traktor Tips Online Course – you can access it HERE.

We hope to welcome you over to our new site very soon.  Along with all the same great content, we are now offering a forum so you guys can chat more openly with one another and help each other out with your queries and tip suggestions.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Traktor Tips Crew


Buying or Selling Used Traktor Gear

NI Traktor Kontrol S4 controller

There is a huge market out there for second-hand used Traktor Gear and what better way to save some money than to jump on the internet or look in the local paper for your next prized possession.

Be Careful

If you plan on buying some used hardware, be it an S4, X1 or any other kind of Native Instruments DJ hardware; you may see that the seller says they have the serial numbers and are going to include the software along with the licence.  This is great, however there is something they need to do before you take your new piece of kit home.

Licence Transfers

Each time a product is licensed to a customer, the serial number is assigned to a specific email through the Service Centre.  Before you are able to use your newly acquired software you must get the licence number transferred to you.  This can only be done by the seller.  You can ask the seller to contact the Native Instruments Registration support through this online form to have the seriel number removed from his/her account.

Screen Shot NI Registration Support

Things to note

  • EDU and NFR product versions cannot be resold. Therefore it is not possible to unlock serial numbers belonging to such products.
  • If a product is removed from your user account, this will render all product upgrades based on this product invalid. Therefore the registration support will contact you before deleting a product from your user account in case this makes another product invalid.

Hopefully this small snippet of advice will help you snap up a great deal without any added frustration you might have had without knowing upfront! Traktor Tips would love to know of any frustrations you may have had with regards to this and any advice you might be able to offer other readers.

Happy shopping!

Friday Guest Mix | JonnyDP

This weeks Guest Mix Starts off with some smooth ambient sounding Techno.  A great atmospheric sound leads you into a nice bouncy tech.  Thanks to JonnyDP for the submission – you can follow him over on Twitter and Soundcloud.

How do you get featured on Traktor Tips?

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Flux Mode (Pt. 1) Traktor 2.6 Tutorial

The new Traktor 2.6 introduces the flux mode – This has been a little confusing for people as there is no obvious changes to the Graphical User Interface (GUI).  Here I show you briefly what Flux mode is and how you can turn it on and off without the new Z2.

This software is designed to seamlessly work with the new Z2 Controller due out this month (November 2012) but there are some work arounds for those not going to throw down the cash for the new mixer.